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We Show Our Superior Elevator Technologies the Safest and Most Systematic Way

    STEP 4-Installation Part 2

  • Hoist way Entrances
    • End-Style with Sub-Sills
      • Sill Supports are NOT Required
      • Sills are Marked with Daylight Lines and Return Lines for Easy Assembly
      • Hoist way Doors Come with Gibbs Pre-Mounted and All Necessary Drilling for Hangars
  • Hall Fixtures
    • Serial-Communication which Plug into a Pre-Engineered Hoist way Harness which then Plugs Directly into the Controller
  • Hoist way Switches and Wiring
    • Pre-Engineered Brackets that Mount off Rails for Easy Adjustment
    • Shaft way Wiring Harness for All Switches which Terminate at Controller with Plug
  • Cab Installation
    • Pre-Drilled Platform to Insure Proper Cab Alignment
    • Pre-Wired Car Station
    • Plug-In Car Lantern
    • Top-of-Car Components Plug into Car Station
    • Traveling Cable Terminates by Way of Plugs on Both Ends
    • Car-Top Railing System per Code

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