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We Show Our Superior Elevator Technologies the Safest and Most Systematic Way

    STEP 2-Installation Part 1

  • Bracket Installation
    • Multiple Adjusting Brackets for Easy Installation
  • Pit Equipment
    • Channels Attached to Rails
    • Buffers Attached to Channels for Easy Installation and Exact Location
  • Rails
    • Rail Stack is Shown on Layout Drawings to Prevent "Hits"
  • Overhead
    • All Pre-Engineered and Drilled for Mounting of Machine and Governor
  • Counterweight Frame
    • Shipped with Guide Rollers for Easy Installation
  • Car Sling
    • Safety Mounted in Safety Plank with Guide rollers and Platform on Cradle
    • Cross Head Complete with Guides
    • Only Styles have to be Installed to Complete Car Sling
    • All Attachment Components for Car Sling are Pre-Engineered and Drilled
      • Traveling Cable Hangars, Limit Cam, Toe Guard, etc.
      • All Hardware is Marked for Component which it Corresponds To

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