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We Show Our Superior Elevator Technologies the Safest and Most Systematic Way


HM Tec's MRL Package comes complete and is manufactured all in one place. The only additional items needed are pipe, green field and some small electrical fittings. The MRL Machine and MRL Controller have already been "marriaged" together and Inverter settings have been inputted. Almost the whole unit comes pre-wired and all connections plug in. The MRL Cab is pre-assembled including Car Operating Panel to insure all components fit and all holes line up.

Each one of HM Tec's Machine Room Less (MRL) Elevators is 100% custom built and tested. This allows for HM Tec to supply a "unique" elevator that is tailored to your needs and wants. Each elevator has many aspects that you can choose and create any configuration that fits your purpose and desire. These aspects include, but are not limited to: Cab Ceilings, Fixtures, Finishes, Handrails etc.

HM Tec's entire MRL System uses tomorrow's technology to differentiate itself and make it the leading "green" MRL Elevator System.

HM Tec Inc. : MRL Elevator Manufacturer and Supplier