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We Show Our Superior Elevator Technologies the Safest and Most Systematic Way

HM Tec Inc., since it’s founding in July of 1989, has been the leading manufacturer of components for elevators, through constant development of technology and strict quality control measures.

HM Tec has exported elevator components such as sheaves, guide shoes, governors, and wire harnesses to many regions all over the world, such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada and Southeast Asia. The superior quality of our elevator products has been recognized worldwide.

In 2008, Fire Doors and a Traction Machine, backed with a Controller acquired the ETL of North America (WHI), the UL and a CSA mark under the base of travelling up to 500 ft. /min and completed HM Tec's MRL development.

HM Tec will continue to give its best efforts to satisfy all of the demands of our customers regarding elevator manufacturing and sales. The terms include; quality, price and delivery. Thank You.

HM Tec Inc. : MRL Elevator Manufacturer and Supplier